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Time to say goodbye to the cling wrap in your kitchen! 

Say hello to our Sili Lids 👋

Our reusable stretchy silicone covers are the perfect replacement for the intrusive plastic waste — we take for granted in our kitchens — cling wrap. These lids can cover your leftover food, bowls, plates, cups, fruits and veggies.

silicone lid covers icons

silicone lid covers icons

Although the reusable lids are round in shape, their silicone material (which we love) allows them to be stretched and pulled over containers and bowls of all shapes and reasonable sizes, ensuring an airtight seal! 

This package contains:

6 x Silicone reusable lids (sizes below)
1 x Cotton bag 

Lids Sizes

This simple change will integrate seamlessly into your life and be part of your everyday routine — your own individual contribution in helping reduce plastic use in our planet!

Sili Lids are good for both you and our planet:
✔️ 100% food grade silicone
✔️ Keeps toxic chemicals found in plastics out of our body
✔️ Airtight and leak-proof
✔️ Reduces cost in the long-term
✔️ Helps open tough jars
✔️ Less plastic waste ending up in landfills and the ocean

Have any questions about silicone? Click here to find out more!

How to use:

How to clean and store:

  • Place in dishwasher or hand wash in sink
  • To remove strong odour or stain, soak lids in baking powder and water for two hours
  • Store in a dry place

Thank you for your effort in helping our environment, we appreciate it and are sure our planet does too 🌏


"The reusable silicone lids are a great alternative to the cling wrap. I was never a fan of cling wrap in the first place due to the unreliability it brought with keeping my food fresh, however now I always feel assured that the air-tight silicone covers are doing their job and so am I in reducing plastic waste." - Monica, VIC Australia


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Lola G.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

They are good but with my arthritic hands and fingers I do struggle but if you are strong they are great. Husband helps me. So they are being used.

Chloe A.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Absolutely love it!

So easy to use and clean. Keeps the food fresh with no spills. Love these covers!

Louise B.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Unclinging from cling wrap!

Very easy to use. I should have done this a long time ago,

Silvia L.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Love these lids!

Amazing lids - I love finding ways to use these in my kitchen and can see the difference they are making on reducing single use plastic in our family. Can use on basically anything! I especially love when I open the fridge and see my mum creatively using it on her asian dishes

Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Amazing quality

I started using these lids as soon as I received them. They have been perfect for the different sized bowls in the kitchen and for fruit as well! Would buy again and would love to see more sizes introduced in the future!